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IC part:

What is your full name? Ken Daewo
Age? 23
Where do you live? San Fierro , China Town , 23 St.
What is your phone number? *******
Why do you want to join SAES? My life almost passed away , but SAES helped me , so i want to be one , and help people , that are/will be in the same situation like me.
Why do you think you're suited for the job as Firefighter/Medic? I have a really good reaction , very smart , strong nerves .
What do you want to be Firefighter or Medic? FireFighter
Do you have medical problems? None
Do you have experience with driving big vehicles? Yes.I was a Delivery boy with trucks.

OOC part:

What is RP (Don't just say what it stands for, but explain)? In RP [Roleplay] you gotta do everything , what you would do in real life.Bleed , cry , break leg or arm.
Are you a good RPer? Why do you think you are a good RPer? yes i'm kinda good rper.Why? I'm rping for 1,5~years.
Are you active on the server? If yes, how many hours a day? If no, how many days a week/month? I started early..Today at 10/3 , but i will be active.3~ or more hours per day.
Have you ever been banned/kicked/jailed? If yes, why? I wasn't.
Show some /me's and /do's you would use when being a Firefighter/Medic : /do There's a bucket in the Firefighter vehicle with Water.
/me takes the bucket
/me pushes the water from the bucket
/do Fire is coming down...
What is OOC and IC? Ooc - Out Of character/Ic - In character
What is metagaming and powergaming (+ give an example)?
Metagaming : Hey you , will the server be upgraded tomorrow?
Powergaming : /me pushes the man and the man explodes

Thank you Smile
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